The Cisco MANO Consultative Based Selling (MANO) v2.0 introduces the learners to the value-based and consultative-based selling approaches as a more effective alternative to product or feature selling when dealing with service providers. The course discusses the current service provider industry, and market trends and how the rigid business and network architectures are making it difficult for service providers to be able to quickly and effectively adapt to market changes and demands. The course gives and overview of how Cisco management and orchestration (MANO) products can enable an agile network and business architecture that loosens up the rigidity of legacy service provider architectures by using automation, orchestration and programmability.
To prepare the attendees for customer engagements, the course gives an outline of typical service provider organizational structures and decision maker positions. The learners are exposed to what these decision makers typically care about and what is important for their particular job role. The course also discusses how budgeting and business decisions are typically done in these environments and how Cisco MANO products can be positioned according to that process.
To enable the learners for constructing a relevant business case and presenting it to the decision makers, the business impacts of Cisco MANO products are discussed. The impacts covered in the course are categorized as time to market reduction, increased operational efficiency and increased service quality. The business impact topics are further enforced by case studies, where the course attendees need to assess a current service provider situation and come up with a business proposition for Cisco MANO products, which are then discussed with the rest of the class.
The Cisco MANO Consultative Based Selling (MANO) is delivered as a virtual-instructor-led training (VILT), run in 2 separate sessions on consecutive days, each session lasting around 4 hours.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
 Get exposed to SP decision-makers' care-abouts.
 Learn how to quantify Cisco MANO products business impact to SPs.
 Walk through clear business cases for MANO in SP Environments.
 Discover the advantages and power of value based selling.


The course contains these components:
  • Day 1:
    • Consultative Selling
    • Service Provider Industry Trends
    • Decision Makers
    • Evolved Services Platform
    • Cisco Evolved Programmable Network
    • Business Case KPIs
    • Business Case KPIs - Prework
  • Day 2:
    • Business Case KPIs – Prework Review
    • Business Impacts
    • Typical Use Cases
    • Practical Case Study - WAE

Prerequisite Knowledge