The Cisco Intelligent WAN Essentials (IWAN-ESS) course is a 5-day instructor-led, lab-based, hands-on course that covers the theory and deployment of the foundational pillars of IWAN: transport independence and intelligent path control. These pillars use the following technologies: Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), IP Security (IPsec) tunnel protection, routing protocol design (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [EIGRP] and internal Border Gateway Protocol [iBGP]), and Performance Routing (PfR).
The course uses a building-block approach to discussing the operation, configuration, and verification of each technology component. This approach is consistent with the IWAN Cisco Validated Design version 2.x. The lectures include explanations of concepts as well as demonstrations, using a fully functioning lab so that you can see firsthand how each technology is set up and verified for IWAN. The lecture demonstrations and the hands-on labs are performed in a dual data center environment with varying branch office topologies (single and multiple WAN routers).


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
  • Configure and troubleshoot transport independence, including:
    • DMVPN Phase 3 (Generic Routing Encapsulation [GRE], Next Hop Routing Protocol [NHRP], and IPsec)
    • Front Door Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRFs)
  • Implement intelligent path control by configuring and troubleshooting PfRv3


The course contains these components:
  • Course Overview and Introduction to IWAN
    • Lab: Navigating the IWAN 4D Dual DC Sandbox
    • Lab: Resetting the IWAN 4D Dual DC Sandbox
  • Configuring and Verifying Front Door Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRFs) and DMVPN
  • Configuring and Verifying Advanced DMVPN Functionality
    • Lab: Connecting DC1 to the Branches over the MPLS Network Using DMVPN Phase 1
    • Lab: Modifying the DMVPN Phase 1 Configuration to DMVPN Phase 3
    • Lab: Configuring and Verifying Summary Routes
    • Lab: Connecting DC1 to Branches 4 and 5 over the Internet (INET) Cloud Using VRF and DMVPN Phase 3
    • Lab: Configuring and Verifying Connectivity to Data Center 2
    • Lab: Maintaining NHRP Health by Reducing Dynamic Entry Duration and Adding Interface State Tracking
  • Configuring and Verifying IPsec for DMVPN
    • Lab: Configuring and Verifying IPsec on DMVPN Tunnels
  • Configuring and Verifying Overlay Routing (EIGRP and iBGP)
    • Lab: Adding EIGRP Routing Overlay
  • PfRv3 Operation Overview
  • Configuring and Verifying PfRv3
    • Lab: Preparing to Deploy PfR
    • Lab: Deploying PfR at Hub and Transit Sites
    • Lab: Deploying PfR at the Branch Sites
    • Lab: Configuring and Verifying Operation of the PfR Traffic Policies
  • Reviewing End-to-End IWAN Operation (Dual DC, Hybrid Environment)
    • Lab: Extra Credit: Adding Branch 3 to the IWAN Environment

Prerequisite Knowledge

The knowledge and skills that a learner should possess before attending this course are as follows:
  • Network deployment experience equivalent to the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching certification
  • Fundamental understanding and practical experience configuring EIGRP and iBGP
  • Fundamental understanding and practical experience configuring GRE and IPsec