The Cisco ACI Migration Fast Path (CAMFP) v1.0 is a 3-day intensive implementation training that provides engineers with hands-on experience based on lab activities and understanding of how to migrate existing data center deployment (consisting of server infrastructure, applications, data center services like security and load balancing, edge connectivity, …) to a Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) solution based on a case study.
The course will provide you enough insight information into Cisco ACI solution that you will be able to understand requirements and process of migrating existing Data Center to Cisco ACI based solution.

This course is only available as a private training (up to 16 people). Price on request.


After finishing this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify ACI solution prerequisites/requirements
  • Define ACI global parameters, addressing, and policies
  • Define and deploy ACI tenants, bridge domains, private networks, EPGs, application profiles and policies per requirements of an existing server/application environment
  • Implement migration of server/application environment to a new ACI solution
  • Define and deploy ACI configuration for fabric based security services
  • Define and deploy ACI configuration for service appliances
  • Define and deploy ACI configuration for edge connectivity (e.g. MAN, WAN, Internet; L2/L3 connectivity/routing)
  • Understand ACI Multi-Site Topologies (stretched fabric vs. dual-fabric)
  • Define and deploy ACI Dual-Site Fabric Solution


The course contains the following components:
  • Migrating to Cisco ACI Solution Overview
    • Cisco ACI Solution Recap
    • Cisco ACI Migration Prerequisites
    • Cisco ACI Migration Checklist
    • Migration Case Study Overview
  • Migrating Server Infrastructure to ACI Fabric
    • Understanding Existing Server Environment
    • Designing and Migrating Server Physical Connectivity (single-homed, port-channel, vPC multi-homed, …)
    • Designing and Migrating Switched Server Segments
    • Designing and Migrating Virtual Infrastructure
  • Migrating Network Services to ACI Fabric
    • Understanding Existing Network Services
    • Understanding Service Device Attachment Options
    • Designing and Migrating to Cisco ACI Fabric Based Filtering
    • Designing and Migrating Service Appliances to Cisco ACI
    • Designing and Migrating Edge Network Services Connectivity to Cisco ACI Fabric
  • Scaling ACI Fabric
    • Cisco ACI Fabric Multi-Site Recap
    • Design the ACI Multi-Pod Fabric Solution

Prerequisite Knowledge

Attendees should be familiar with Cisco Data Center solutions and have a basic understanding of Cisco ACI solution.
To fully benefit from this course, the participants should have the following knowledge:
  • Professional level knowledge of networking technologies
  • Knowledge and understanding of leaf-spine network architecture
  • Knowledge and understanding of VXLAN overlay networking
  • Understanding Cisco ACI fabric fundamentals
  • Understand ACI concepts and principles (tenants, bridge domains, private networks, EPGs, application profiles, policies)
  • Professional level knowledge of server and server virtualization technologies