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How to Design the Secure Data Center

Learn about the latest Cisco Validated Design—as tested and verified by Cisco field engineer Mike Storm—which highlights the important security options available to IT professionals responsible for maintaining data center resiliency and service availability.

SDN for the LAN–Making the Right Switch

See why the IT world is talking about software-defined networking for the LAN, and what it means for your organization. From upgrade options to hardware innovations, you won’t want to miss this one. Our experts will explore the “what, why and, how” of SDN for the LAN. (via TechWise TV)

Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module

Find out how the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module extends automation and control beyond your data center to your WAN and access domains so you can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on business innovation. See how the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module gives your IT team the tools you need to simplify operations, see the entire network as a single entity, and enable rapid innovation. (via TechWise TV)

One Data Center. Two Locations.

Is it possible to provide truly stateful business continuity and workload mobility across sites with a minimum of disruption to applications and users? That is the very challenge we posed to our panel of infrastructure experts. Then we asked them to test a multisite data center design that could prove it. Join this deep dive into data center solutions and strategies and get an honest look at what it takes to make your entire application environment available across cloud topologies.

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The Technical Reality of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the most often discussed and hotly debated topics in IT today. Now see how factories, utility companies, railroads, and more are taking advantage of the latest technology to gain greater insight, make more informed decisions, and get more done. Join the TechWiseTV team and guest experts as they go deep into the solutions that make it easier to gather data and put it to work from the factory floor out into the field. (via TechWise TV)

Carrier-Grade Virtualization for Service Providers

See how the latest technology can help service providers create, automate, and provision their network services with carrier-grade virtualization, making them more agile and better able to capture new revenue opportunities, including machine to machine (M2M), in the Internet of Everything and premium mobile broadband (PMB). (via TechWise TV)

Open NX-OS: Programmability

Understand how Cisco Open NX-OS extensibility exposes greater programmability and automation capabilities that eliminate costly manual errors.

How to Design a Guest WLAN

This video provides an overview of the concepts that must be understood to design an effective guest WLAN.

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Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) Demo

Cisco's Jason Wright shows how Cisco AMP provides the visibility and control to quickly detect and remediate advanced threats. He also demonstrates the new integration of Threat Grid threat intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities into AMP.