Video tutorials

Understanding RF Fundamentals

Understanding RF Fundamentals and the Radio Design of Networks video by Cisco convers the following topics: 

  • Basic 802.11 Radio Hardware and Terminology
  • 802.11 Antenna basics - Single and Diversity Antennas
  • Interpreting antenna patterns
  • Diversity, multipath 802.11n RF characteristics

Service Discovery Using User Data Service

Cisco subject matter experts Raees Shaikh and Vasanth Kumar focused on implementing Intercluster Lookup Service (ILS) networks in enterprise deployments, then using ILS to build an enterprise network with User Data Service (UDS) for service discovery of Jabber clients.

IPv6 Security

Cisco subject matter experts Eric Vyncke and Andrew Yourtchenko explained the security myths and security issues in the IPv6 protocol. Though IPv6 is only available to 3 percent of Internet users, this number is doubling every 6 to 9 months, and, more important, all host OSes have IPv6 enabled by default.

Clouds, Overlay, SDN

"What really matters is your business." Ivan Pepelnjak's second presentation from PLNOG 11 focuses on the dos and don’ts of cloud building.

Troubleshooting Common Features of Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus 1000v

Cisco subject matter expert Vishal Mehta covered these features from a perspective of configuration, performance, best practices, and troubleshooting. As a TAC engineer, Vishal constantly receives requests from customers to provide configuration and troubleshooting documentation on how to configure common features of both Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus 1000v. He will tackle these issues with a primary focus on private VLAN, quality of service, multicast, load balancing, and other Layer 2 configurations involving Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus 1000v.

Kali Linux WiFi Analysis Webinar - Getting Up and Running

In this CWNP webinar, learn to get up and running with a wifi adapter and wireshark in Kali Linux.

Catalyst 6800 VSS Quad-Sup SSO and Instant Access Overview

Cisco subject matter expert Vivek Baveja provided an overview of the key components, design details, and operational benefits of using a Cisco Catalyst 6800 Virtual Switching System (VSS) with quad-sup SSO, along with the new campus FEX technology Cisco Catalyst Instant Access (CIA).

Overlay Virtual Networking

This vendor-agnostic session briefly revisits the networking needs of server virtualization and IaaS cloud computing and describes the benefits and drawbacks of overlay virtual networks as compared to traditional VLAN-based solutions (including VMware networking technologies such as 802.1Qbg). The second half of the session focuses on architectural and scalability aspects of individual solutions from major virtualization vendors and emerging startups.

Cisco Email Security Architecture

Best methods and best practices for installing the security appliances.

Virtual firewalls – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Anything is marketed as a “virtual firewall” these days, from contexts on physical boxes to hypervisor kernel modules and VMs with a kitschy GUI in front of iptables. The presentation walks you through the virtual firewalls taxonomy, describes the major architectural options, and illustrates typical use cases with products from a few established virtual firewall vendors (Cisco, VMware, Juniper, Vyatta/Brocade) and startups (LineRate Systems, Midokura).