NIL Learning just added a new course - Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions (ECMS)

The Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions (ECMS) training helps prepare you for roles focused on implementing, securing, and managing Cisco Meraki based networks from a centralized dashboard. Topics covered include Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based solutions, understanding of network security protocols, design of scalable architectures, and application of troubleshooting strategies.

This training combines Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Part 1 and 2 trainings, which will be end-of-life on October 28th, 2024.

How you'll benefit
This training will help you:
• Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Cisco Meraki platform
• Develop expertise in designing, implementing, and securing Cisco Meraki networks
• Operate and manage networks using Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based tools and features
• Apply advanced monitoring and troubleshooting techniques
• Earn 24 credits towards recertification

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