Cisco Intersight Services Overview

Cisco Intersight is a comprehensive cloud-powered infrastructure management solution. It simplifies data center monitoring, infrastructure provisioning, management, and troubleshooting.

Enterprises are facing many challenges when managing complex data center infrastructure. The most significant challenges are distributed infrastructure and applications supporting new business services, human limitations for managing a growing number of applications, and using many management tools, thus adding an additional level of complexity to an already complex environment.

The Cisco Intersight combines the simplicity of Software as a Service (SaaS) with actionable intelligence derived from analytics and machine learning to solve these challenges. By using Cisco Intersight in your data center, you will enable intelligent visualization and a single point of management for your infrastructure and optimize your infrastructure and applications to deliver the required outcomes.


Cisco Intersight Services MINT overview

Cisco Intersight Mentored Install Network Training (MINT) program is an authorized hands-on training program that helps you gain skills and master best practices while deploying Cisco Intersight Services. By combining mentoring and installation, the program accelerates the adoption and deployment of the new Cisco Intersight managed services in your environment and helps you achieve the simplicity of managing your infrastructure at scale.


Why choose NIL as your MINT partner?

NIL has been a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, System Integrator, and Cisco Platinum Learning Partner for almost 30 years. We educate Cisco engineers, develop official Cisco courseware, and have expertise, experience and capability to make sure that your solution is properly deployed and configured.

NIL is an authorized Cisco partner for providing MINT programs for ACI, DNA Center, DNA Spaces, Full-Stack Observability (FSO), Intersight Services, Intersight Workload Optimization (IWO), ISE, Network Security, Nexus Dashboard, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), SD-WAN, and UCS/HyperFlex technologies. We have extensive experience delivering different MINT projects to organizations worldwide that result in high customer satisfaction and faster particular technology adoption.

All our MINT programs are fully customizable. This means that the basic scope is predefined, in order to ensure best practices and key objectives are covered. However, the exact delivery is tailored to your specific environment and requirements, ensuring optimal outcome of the service.


Objectives of engagement

  1. Discover the customer outcome desires through investigation of the current situation and steps needed to achieve the goal.
  2. Deployment and configuration of the solution.
  3. Customer enablement and knowledge transfer for continued operation and maintenance of the environment.
  4. Functional solution, with accompanying project documentation.


Next steps after MINT

Your environment is now set up and running. Your team has the basic knowledge and capability to keep it operational.

But maybe you want additional functionality, are looking into further integration, or are even considering a completely new solution, based on a different technology.

For all of these instances, you can turn to NIL to help you move further along. We offer training on the whole range of Cisco products and solutions. Those trainings span from official courses to highly customized workshops that can be tailored to your very specific needs.

In addition, we offer both additional MINT services, as well as full consultancy engagements that extend well beyond pure Cisco deployments and integrations. And we will be more than happy to help you out with any of these challenges and offer proper guidance.