One of the most challenging issues when delivering Cisco certification training and additional high-end learning offerings is to operate the appropriate lab environment needed to deliver these trainings.

Remote Lab for Instructor Led Training (ILT) offered by NIL supports you by providing instant access to a live lab environment over the internet, with exercises covering a broad range of courses, products, and operating procedures. You can deliver your classes around the world using our comprehensive lab solutions without having the need to purchase, operate and maintain these labs on your own!


Supported Cisco Courses by NIL Remote Labs

NIL offers a wide range of Remote Labs for ILT, covering the majority of the Cisco career certifications. Your students have the ability to practice configuration, deployment or troubleshooting scenarios in real-life environment on real equipment - without any additional investment in your own equipment.

All prices are for minimum of 4 students; price per student/course, 8 hours/day.

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NIL Remote Lab Features and Benefits

  • Real Equipment – NIL Remote Labs technology uses real Cisco hardware accessed over the Internet, allowing you to perform real-world tasks in a safe and protected environment.
  • No equipment investments – You can deliver Cisco certification training and additional high-end learning offerings without investing in your own equipment or putting your network at risk.
  • Recovery & Reset functions – Advanced features allowing full recovery and / or automated reset. Every exercise starts with clean configuration.
  • Flexibility – NIL Remote Labs are available in increments of 4 up to 16 students.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access – NIL Remote Labs can be accessed instantly – from your training center or from anywhere else, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including technical support.
  • Instructor Support – Regular virtual classroom sessions are available to familiarize your instructors with the NIL Remote Labs system. The session includes the presentation and live demonstration of the system.
  • Special Pricing – Justified on our international experience as well as our close cooperation with many companies we were confronted with the pricing situation in different markets. We realized enormous gaps between different countries within the training business. In order to increase our competitiveness it was necessary to implement a variable “market level pricing” matching with the customers' expectations and requirements.
  • 24 Hours Help – When the lab is scheduled the instructor receives all lab details as well as a hotline number from NIL, where he can get help 24 hours – 7 days a week. Alternatively the instructor can also use the email to get fast and efficient support.

Rich Content

Each ILT Remote Lab consists of a number of exercises that can be performed independent of each other. That means every exercise is optimized to its objectives and uses optimized topology. Furthermore every exercise starts with a clean initial configuration! Your instructors will like it - no classroom troubleshooting anymore!??

Each NIL Remote Lab exercise includes the following sections:

  • Objectives – explaining the exercise goals and the skills gained upon successful completion.
  • Command List – listing the Cisco IOS configuration and monitoring commands needed to complete the exercise.
  • Detailed Instructions – providing step-by-step instructions on how to successfully complete the exercise.
  • Verification Rules – providing guidelines on how to check whether the exercise has been successfully completed.
  • Lab Topology – detailing the lab network infrastructure.
  • Addressing and Routing – describing the IP addressing and routing pre-configured in the remote lab.
  • Solution.

Implementation Details

Please download and read details about the technical requirements (.pdf) to access and use NIL's Remote Labs.