The PMBOK Guide Focus: Planning for Risk Management (PM-PMBOK-PRM) course focuses on Risk Management strategies across all project types. How to plan for risk and work with your team to determine categories of risk and how you will classify them is the first best step. From there the course will cover identification process through the control functions of reassessment and audits. Regardless of experience or credentials, if you need to stop putting out fires and start managing risk effectively on your projects, this course is for you.

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After finishing this course, you will have learned:
  • How to determine your organizations’ risk thresholds and determine scoring for probability and impact
  • Risk identification techniques, the pros and cons
  • Creation and maintenance of a risk register
  • Contingency reserves and how to ask for them
  • Risk response categories and register updating

Prerequisite Knowledge

Some project management experience is highly recommended.

Price on request