The PM Leadership: Motivating a Team of Individuals (PM-LEAD-MT) online training course will help you gain some insight into motivating a team of individuals. For many years’ team motivation fell to the back burner of corporate necessity while the focus was on profit and process. Now organizations are beginning to see the value in team and individual motivation, work styles and general happiness at work. This short course will review different theories through time, personality styles and how to apply that information to your own team dynamic.

This course provides students with 2 Professional Development Units (PDU).

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After finishing this course, you will learn:
  • Techniques to manage by motivation
  • Ways to identifying the motivating factor of your team members
  • Suggestions of ways to build team motivation throughout the project
  • Ideas and knowledge to apply to your own personal team dynamic


The course contains the following components:
  • Motivation theorists
  • Applying the theories to your team
  • Identifying personality traits
  • Co-located and virtual team building

Prerequisite Knowledge

There is no prerequisite knowledge needed for this course.

Price on request