The PM Leadership: Building a Communications Management Plan that Works (PM-LEAD-BCMP) online training course helps you to improve negotiation strategies for resources, materials or equipment, Good leadership includes good communication skills but those skills have to be learned and then planned for. Whether you are a great communicator or you find yourself with misunderstandings across a team dynamic this course can help direct you to building a plan that works for your individual stakeholders and team members. Aspects of this course will help you identify communication styles so you can effectively communicate and finally put together a plan that works.

This course provides students with 2 Professional Development Units (PDU).

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After finishing this course, students will learn:
  • Determining stakeholder communication requirements
  • How organizational dynamics can affect communication
  • People versus process
  • Communication styles
  • Developing a comprehensive communications management plan


The course contains the following components:
  • Plan Communications Management
  • Analyzing Requirements
  • Communication Style
  • Virtual Communication
  • Building a Communication Plan

Prerequisite Knowledge

It is recommended that before attending this course students have prior project management knowledge.

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