NIL Learning runs one training schedule across the whole EMEAR region. You can join the physical classroom where the instructor is based, attend from your home or office*, or attend at one of our Technology-Led Training (TLT) centers in Slovenia (GMT +1), South Africa (GMT +2) or Saudi Arabia (GMT +3).



Training starts at 7:30 AM GMT during the winter (November till end of March) and 7:00 AM GMT during the summer (April till end of October). If you attend the training via TLT, please consider the possible time difference of your location and the NIL location (note that some countries also use summer and winter time). If you are not sure at what time the training will start, please contact NIL.

Client Testimonials

"I didn’t have any problems with participating in the class remotely. The TLT system was excellent, very reliable and the picture quality was perfect. I could hear everything that instructor was talking about clearly. The initial setup was straightforward and easy to understand. This may have been even more effective than being in a classroom, as being able to sit in the comfort of my own home without distraction makes it really easy to focus on the lesson."
Joshua Sanders, Technical Support Engineer, Cetus Solutions Ltd.

"Although the training was delivered via Cisco TelePresence-based TLT, with instructor being stationed in Johannesburg, there was no compromise in skills transfer and we also did not experience any technical issues. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, but since the training finished, my colleague and I have not a single word of complaint about the solution. TLT is a great training environment - the video is clear and smooth, sound quality is sufficient, and doing lab exercises is basically the same as with the instructor being present in the actual classroom."
Marko Zver, IP Networks Group Leader, Si.mobil

TLT Centers

* Please contact our team to make sure that you meet the technical requirements for joining the instructor-led training from your home or office.